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Regal House-style Neiva Brown

www.fraaiberlin.deRegal Neiva Bruin – The space marvel of lumberThe universal talent Shelf Neiva Bruin sets the standard for today’s shelves. Country house style, minimalism, lumber, handcraft and a lot of nature unite for fresh Fraai wind in every home.Whether Verne, De Beauvoir, Proust, Hesse or Rilke, you will all feel …

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XXL chest of drawers in wood, 133x150x30cm

This XXL chest of drawers is an absolute hit in terms of appearance as well as in terms of storage space. It consists of 9 flamed boxes on rolls and 2 black plank boards that complete the rustic look. The chest of drawers is equipped with 9 drawers and as …

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Restaurant and Cafe Sneeze Guards

We are here to support all restaurant and cafe owners through these difficult times. We offer custom sneeze guards for restaurants to provide a safe and comfortable environment for patrons and staff. Restaurant and cafe owners can choose from a large selection of room separators. You can choose portable, free-standing …

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